Veteran Care

Understanding Postoperative Care Services

A Home Health Aide is a trained person who can come to a Veteran’s home and help the Veteran take care of themselves and their daily activities.
Home Health Aides are not nurses, but they are supervised by a registered nurse who will help assess the Veteran’s daily living needs.

This program is for Veterans who need personal care services and help with activities of daily living. This program is also for Veterans who are isolated, or their caregiver is experiencing the burden of taking care of the Veteran solely.

Home Health Aide services can be used in combination with other Home and Community Based Services. Services may vary by location.

Home Health Aides work for an organization that has a contract with VA. Home Health Aide services can be used as a part of an alternative to nursing home care, and to get Respite Care at home for Veterans and their family caregiver. The services of a Home Health Aide can help Veterans remain living in their own home and can serve Veterans of any age.

What services can Veterans Home Care provide?

• Meal

• Planning/Preparation

• Cleaning

• Laundry

• Shopping

• Home Safety

• Errands

• Help setting up virtual calls with family members and love ones.

• Limited assistance with financial Matters (Delivering payments)

• Assistance with communication

• Observing and Report Participant condition


• Eating

• Bathing

• Personal Grooming including dressing

• Personal Hygiene

• Skin Care

• Meal Planning/Preparation

• Assisting Out of Bed

• Repositioning

• Ambulation

• Toileting

• Home Supports (cleaning, laundry, shopping, home safety, errands,

• Monitoring Condition

• Monitoring Medications (CANNOT give medication)

• Strength and Balance Training


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